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March 22, 2016

Colin Davis & Melissa Mari

Shadow Tech: Cracking the Codes of Personal and Collective Darkness

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S y n o p s i s

What is the connection between the growing cultural dysfunction we witness and the unexplored depths of the shadow that resides within each of us? How do our repetitive, self-destructive patterns relate to the mechanisms at work in biology, cosmology, and information systems? What insights about our inner darkness can we gain by examining the destructive forces at play in various domains? And how can we embark on personal shadow work to restore balance within ourselves, ultimately fostering balance in our entire culture?

The authors of Shadow Tech embark on an alchemical journey to uncover the nature of their own darkness while crafting new maps to navigate the hidden realms of the psyche. They also embrace spiritual practices to cleanse themselves of repressed toxic energies, which feed into personal and collective darkness.

Shadow Tech commences with an essay that explores destruction from both cosmological and metaphysical perspectives before delving deeper into its subject matter. The mind is likened to an organic operating system, a microcosm within the larger structure we know as culture. Employing the Hermetic alchemical principle of "As Above, So Below," the authors draw connections between viruses and parasites in biology and information systems, shedding light on the active destructive mechanisms at work in the human psyche and society.

The book introduces a model for understanding cyclical destructiveness in relationships, referred to as "The Victim-Victor Cycle." It delves into "conspiracy theories" as real-world manifestations of "Cultural Parasitism." The authors link our intergenerational and cross-cultural destructive behaviors to an energetic ecosystem of hidden "viral" operations that operate beyond the veil of ego consciousness.

Beyond offering fresh perspectives on darkness and destructive cycles, Shadow Tech presents the authors' personal spiritual philosophy, known as "Living in the Movie," along with effective methods for self-balancing and elevating consciousness.

In essence, Shadow Tech offers a blend of science, metaphysics, and spiritual alchemy.

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Colin E. Davis considers himself to be an artist above else. He has enjoyed a 25-year career as a touring musician and audio engineer. He also has a background in real estate related law and legal strategies. Since 2009 he has counseled hundreds of people in foreclosure, helping them to turn financial destruction into personal evolution. He has held an enduring interest in spiritual principles.

Melissa Mari is a lifelong performance artist with a back-ground in theatre, jazz, classical, folk and heavy rock styles. She healed herself of cervical cancer in the mid nineties, when her investigations into the human shadow began. Now, she teaches effective methods for transmuting destructive shadow energies. Colin and Melissa are the founding directors of the musical multimedia project The 01 Experience.

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