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$419.99 $129.99 (Limited Time Offer!)

Initial payment: $129.99 for Veritas + Free one-year access to Sanitas

─ Access to all premium content from both Veritas and Sanitas
─ Receive three Sanitas seasons for the price of one
─ Benefit from uninterrupted learning with a single yearly payment
Immerse yourself in a full year of unparalleled knowledge and insights
─ Save $300 compared to purchasing Veritas and Sanitas separately!
─ After the first year, continue your journey with Veritas at only $10.83 / month, billed annually at $129.99.
─ With a single login, seamlessly access content across both Veritas and Sanitas platforms.
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$300 $100 (Limited Time Offer - gives access for three full seasons, non-recurring)

─ Access to all premium content
─ Receive three Sanitas seasons for the price of one
─ A $200 saving

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Veritas & Sanitas Bundle:

Dive deep into a comprehensive learning experience with the Veritas & Sanitas bundle. Here's what you receive:

  • Sanitas: Immediate access to three full seasons for the price of one. That's over 150 transformative interviews, averaging less than .67 cents per interview.
  • Veritas: A continuously renewing yearly subscription, granting you uninterrupted access to all new and existing content from Veritas.

With this bundle, you're not just purchasing content; you're investing in knowledge and well-being. The combined insights from both platforms offer a holistic approach to personal growth and understanding. And remember, while Sanitas has ceased new content production, its three seasons remain a trove of invaluable interviews.

Dive into a world of unfiltered truth today!

Join now and unlock exclusive content, interviews, and resources available only to Sanitas+ subscribers!

*Please be aware that canceling your subscription will result in immediate loss of access to the platform. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds or credits for any unused subscription time.

Please note that this problem could affect any subscription. If you don't receive your login details automatically after subscribing, check your spam or junk folder. If you still can't find the login info, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or email provider might have blocked our emails. In such cases, contact Member Support for help, and we'll manually resend your login information.



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