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January 26, 2016

Dr. Radhe Shyam

Natural Cures for Every Disease

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We use whatever is found in nature to cure every possible
disease. Breast cancer is extremely simple to cure. Asthma, paralysis, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, back pain, kidney failure, etc. can all be cured. India possesses enormous wealth, says Dr. Radhe Shyam. Any disease in this world comes from nature and can be cured with nature. We only need the knowledge on how to do so.

We had to shorten this interview because Dr. Shyam had only slept for two hours and had over 80 patients to see. We waited for seven hours as he was traveling throughout the night in order to arrive at his destination. Listen for more...

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Dr. Radhe Shyam is a physician from India. After spending decades in the United States as an allopathic doctor he realized that he could not operate outside the boundaries imposed to him by the medical establishment. So he returned to his native India where he has matched the respective herbs to a number of conditions in order to, not only treat them, but cure them.

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