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April 17, 2015

Alie James

Secrets to Healthy and Ageless Living

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While this interview uncovers numerous secrets to healthy aging and ageless living, Alie James firmly believes that one of the most crucial secrets is the attainment of "Selflessness." Selflessness, she contends, is an essential quality for women striving to realize their full potential; it serves as a catalyst for the transformation of our lives and enables us to achieve the goals of Healthy Aging and Ageless Beauty.

To be clear, embracing selflessness doesn't require you to lose or sacrifice more of yourself than you already have. Instead, it's an introspective journey, an exploration of your true self, enabling you to authentically embody selflessness. Think of it as the journey of the Ugly Duckling - a tale we're all familiar with. The story doesn't revolve around physical appearance; rather, it symbolizes life's journey, where our inherent beauty unfolds naturally as we age.

Much like Andersen's Ugly Duckling, this transformation takes time, allowing the so-called "ugly duck" to reach its full potential, ultimately evolving into a graceful and beautiful swan. Alie James aims to breathe new life into the age-old adage "Age before Beauty." She seeks to demonstrate how beauty naturally blossoms as we "grow up and into ourselves" ? akin to the Ugly Duckling's effortless and natural transformation, marking the birth of the first "Duck Makeover" ? an analogy for a fortunate transformation.

The primary focus of this book is to elucidate how each of us can experience this same organic and seamless transformation. Alie endeavors to share her profound insights into Healthy Aging and Ageless Beauty, insights honed over three decades. Her hope is that these insights will empower YOU to make the most of the remaining chapters of your life, unlocking your fullest potential and embracing the beauty that comes with it.

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In the words of Alie James:

Are you living your BEST life?

My aim in writing is to assist you in uncovering the hidden issues that might be holding you back from living your best life - a life that should be marked by health, joy, and effortless living!

I believe that many of us share similar hopes and dreams. We all aspire to be Happy, Healthy, Beautiful, and Purposeful, especially as we age and discover that it's not as straightforward as it once seemed! As an Author, I see myself as a facilitator of the Personal Development and Spiritual Growth journey.

I often liken myself to a Connector - someone who connects us to each other. More importantly, I endeavor to guide us in connecting with our Truest Self - that profound Soul and Spirit aspect of us that can sometimes be challenging to access.

I've been a Geek long before it became trendy. Even in middle school, I found pleasure in writing research papers for fun. During my time at Texas A&M University, I honed my skills in analyzing and synthesizing an extensive range of scientific data.

Later in my career, after assisting over 50,000 individuals with their furniture and design needs, I realized that we all share a common aspiration ? to live our best life! Regrettably, it's not always straightforward. This realization fuels my motivation to write Self-Help books aimed at making it more manageable for my readers to lead a healthier, happier, and more beautiful life.

Throughout the years, I've developed a distinctive writing style. I employ the concept of a Matrix, placing YOU at its very core! By adopting this Matrix-style approach, your ideas, thoughts, emotions, and intuition become pivotal in achieving the results you desire. Many have attested to the remarkable outcomes and transformative life changes that this approach can yield!

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Secrets to Healthy Aging & Ageless Beauty

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