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October 14, 2014

Dr. J.E. Williams

Light of the Andes: In Search of Shamanic Wisdom in Peru

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"Light of the Andes" takes readers on a profound spiritual journey to the holiest mountain of the Incas, Apu Ausangate, where the true secret of the Andes is revealed. Through a series of mystical encounters in Peru, J. E. Williams (known as Santiago) and his mentor, the Q'ero shaman Sebastian, are guided to the remote glacial slopes of Ausangate.

In this rugged and isolated terrain, Santiago is subjected to intense physical and mental challenges brought about by the harsh conditions of high altitude, extreme cold, and isolation. Following a series of traditional preparatory rituals, he experiences a profound encounter with the deity in a manner he never expected.

Upon his return, Santiago carries a message from Apu Ausangate, which resonates with the Q'ero people: Ayni, the original concept found in nature that leads individuals to live principled lives in harmony with all things.

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Dr. J.E. Williams, a seasoned physician with more than two decades of clinical experience, firmly believes that a comprehensive understanding of biology, evolution, spiritual healing, and energy medicine is the key to achieving optimal health and longevity. His extensive body of work includes the publication of medical papers across Europe, North America, Cuba, and Mexico. Additionally, he has authored several papers on the subjects of ethnobotany and biodiversity.

Beyond his medical expertise, Dr. Williams actively engages in various holistic practices, such as meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Qi, yoga, Argentine Tango, and shamanic transpersonal rituals. He is also a skilled photographer and a published poet. Driven by his commitment to advancing healthcare, he continues to conduct ongoing ethnobotanical research focused on identifying immunomodulating plants in the Peruvian Amazon and Southern Mexico.

In 2010, Dr. Williams established the non-profit organization AYNIGLOBAL to further support his work with traditional indigenous communities.

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Light of the Andes: In Search of Shamanic Wisdom in Peru

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