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June 10, 2014

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

Birth Into Being: What If Nothing Is Holding You Back?

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S y n o p s i s

Imagine breaking free from the negative conditioning of your past, where your true identity inspires the life you want to live.

Even before we were born, midway through gestation, we were already highly sensitive beings. In the womb, infants absorb and memorize all sensory experiences. Through numerous hormonal, electromagnetic, and neurobiological transmitters, babies receive information about their mother's feelings, thoughts, diet, and daily activities. All this data defaults to register in a baby's nervous system as "basic settings," forming a sensory map of their entry into existence and remaining as a cellular-level, subconscious "comfort zone."

The experiences during birth reinforce the range of gestational experiences, and the subsequent parenting style shapes the sensory and emotional landscape for the rest of one's life. This pre-cognitive "programming" during the formative period is known as "Limbic Imprint."

Historically, for various reasons, the majority of people experienced high-stress levels during gestation. Consequently, our collective "basic settings" are predisposed to high stress. In infancy, our Cortex (the "thinking brain") is undeveloped, so adrenaline becomes our deeply unconscious lens of perception. This is why we tend to repeat the same mistakes and attract similar situations in different forms. Breaking free from addictions and behavioral patterns established before we could even talk is challenging. Negative imprints remain in a "blind spot" as we navigate through life, impacting our relationships, socio-economic structures, political systems, and more.

B i o

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova is the visionary founder and Director of the rapidly expanding international organization, Birth Into Being. This organization is passionately dedicated to fostering Conscious Evolution and establishing a thriving future society grounded in Love, Compassion, and Common Sense. Elena, a multifaceted speaker, filmmaker, and author, masterfully utilizes multimedia platforms to disseminate her profound message worldwide. Her tireless commitment spanning over 32 years has earned her the esteemed title of a "spiritual midwife" to thousands of individuals.

Elena's insatiable curiosity and unwavering passion have been guiding forces throughout her life, leading her to accumulate a wealth of experiences that ultimately culminated in the development of the Birth Into Being Method. Her journey began in Russia in 1982 when she became an integral part of the Conscious Birth Movement. While studying under Igor Charkovsky, the pioneering figure in Russian Waterbirth, Elena was exposed to unconventional birthing practices, including birth camps along the Black Sea where newborns entered the world in the presence of wild dolphins. Here, Elena witnessed firsthand that birth complications could be prevented.

The 1980s marked a profoundly influential period in Elena's life. She concurrently led business management seminars known as "The Games," which played a pivotal role in effecting socioeconomic changes in the USSR. Simultaneously, she was involved in "Citizen Diplomacy," an underground organization dedicated to ending the Cold War and dismantling the "Iron Curtain," fostering open lines of communication with the West.

In 1986, Elena immersed herself in the Sustainable Community Movement, known as MJK (a Russian abbreviation for "Living Space for the Young"). The first community in Siberia, by that time, had over 30,000 residents and embodied ideals of safety, democracy, a healthy lifestyle, and innovative agriculture. Elena's inaugural documentary, "How Dreams Come True" (1995, 58 minutes), offers a detailed account of her experiences within this community.

Elena's life took an unexpected turn in 1989 when she embarked on a short visit to the U.S. Mere days after her departure, the Eastern Bloc collapsed, effectively severing her ties to the world she knew. Pregnant for three months, with no command of the English language, no financial resources, no friends, and no place to stay, Elena faced the challenge of a rapidly expiring visa.

From this precarious position, Elena embarked on a journey of self-reinvention, creating a new life and community that empowered her to continue championing Conscious Evolution. Subsequently, she produced "Birth Into Being" (1999, 25 minutes) and "Birth As We Know It" (2006, 73 minutes), authored articles for numerous international publications, and facilitated 20 Birth Into Being Method workshops and training programs worldwide each year. To date, she has trained over 200 facilitators in 22 countries, who employ the Method in various languages.

The profound impact of Elena's work has garnered recognition at various conferences and, more recently, in the U.N.-sponsored book titled "A Force Such as the World Has Never Known" (2013). The book features Elena's chapter, alongside contributions from 30 other female leaders of grassroots movements worldwide.

Today, Elena's focus is on conscious creation. As of the end of 2014, she plans to step back from leading the Method workshops and entrust the responsibility to her highly trained facilitators, thereby creating space for the birth of new projects and endeavors.

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