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January 28, 2014

Jonny Bowden, Ph.D.

The Great Cholesterol Myth

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death, but traditional approaches to addressing heart disease, which focus on lowering cholesterol levels, may not be entirely accurate. Recent scientific research suggests that cholesterol levels are not a reliable predictor of heart disease. Conventional methods for lowering cholesterol, such as low-fat/high-carb diets and statin drugs, which can have serious side effects, may obscure the true underlying causes of heart disease. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies have sometimes presented research results creatively to support the lucrative $31-billion-a-year cholesterol-lowering drug industry, which has led to misinformation even among doctors at respected institutions.

"The Great Cholesterol Myth" uncovers the real factors contributing to heart disease, including:

- Inflammation
- Fibrinogen
- Triglycerides
- Homocysteine
- Belly fat
- Triglyceride to HDL ratios
- High glycemic levels

Bestselling health authors Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., and Stephen Sinatra, M.D., present a four-part strategy based on the latest studies and clinical findings for preventing, managing, and even reversing heart disease. Their approach encompasses diet, exercise, supplements, and stress and anger management.

Here are some myths and facts about cholesterol and heart disease:

**Myth:** High cholesterol is the primary cause of heart disease.
**Fact:** Cholesterol is a minor contributor in the chain of events leading to heart disease, primarily driven by inflammation.

**Myth:** High cholesterol levels predict heart attacks.
**Fact:** There is no direct correlation between cholesterol levels and heart attacks.

**Myth:** Statin drugs significantly extend lifespan.
**Fact:** There is no substantial evidence that statins significantly increase longevity.

**Myth:** Statin drugs are entirely safe.
**Fact:** Statin drugs can have severe side effects, including fatalities.

**Myth:** Statin drugs are effective for both men and women of all ages.
**Fact:** Statin drugs are most effective in middle-aged men with coronary disease but have limited benefits in other groups.

**Myth:** Saturated fats are hazardous.
**Fact:** Saturated fats are generally safe; trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils are the real culprits.

**Myth:** High cholesterol leads to a shorter life.
**Fact:** Elevated cholesterol levels are associated with lower risks of gastrointestinal disease, pulmonary disease, and hemorrhagic stroke.

**Myth:** A high-carb diet reduces heart disease risk.
**Fact:** Diets rich in processed carbs and sugars increase heart disease risk.

**Myth:** Dietary fats are detrimental to health.
**Fact:** Monounsaturated and saturated fats can protect against metabolic syndrome, while sugar is a cardiovascular risk factor.

**Myth:** There is only "good" (HDL) and "bad" (LDL) cholesterol.
**Fact:** Cholesterol characterization requires more detailed analysis, including fractionation of LDL and HDL components.

**Myth:** Cholesterol directly causes heart disease.
**Fact:** Cholesterol is just one aspect of heart disease, with the small component LP(a) or "bb shot" LDL being more closely associated with oxidation and inflammation.

"The Great Cholesterol Myth" challenges conventional wisdom about heart disease and offers a fresh perspective on understanding and managing this complex condition.

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Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, also known as "The Rogue Nutritionist," is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of weight loss, nutrition, and health. He holds a board certification in nutrition and a master's degree in psychology. With fourteen books to his name, he has become a prominent figure in the realms of health, food, and longevity. Among his best-sellers are "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth" and "Living Low Carb."

Dr. Bowden is a frequent guest on television and radio, sharing his expertise on nutrition, weight management, and extending one's lifespan. His appearances have spanned major networks, including Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS. He previously served on the Editorial Advisory Board for Men's Health magazine and currently holds the role of Nutrition Editor for Pilates Style. Additionally, he contributes regularly to well-known publications such as AOL, Vanity Fair Online, Clean Eating Magazine, Better Nutrition, and Total Health Magazine Online.

Dr. Jonny has made significant contributions to numerous national publications, both in print and online, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, Vanity Fair Online, Time, Oxygen, Marie Claire, Diabetes Focus, GQ, US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Self, Fitness, Family Circle, Allure, Men's Heath, Prevention, In Style, Natural Health, and many others. He is also frequently featured as an expert on ABC-TV Los Angeles.

His list of authored works includes:

1. "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth"
2. "The 100 Healthiest Foods for Pregnancy" (co-authored with Allison Tannis)
3. "The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth"
4. "The Healthiest Meals on Earth" (co-authored with Jeannette Bessinger)
5. "The 150 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy"
6. "The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer"
7. "The Live Longer Cookbook" (co-authored with Jeannette Bessinger)
8. "Living Low Carb" (Revised and expanded edition, winner of the "Consumer Nutrition Book of the Year" award)
9. "The Healthiest 15-Minute Recipes on Earth" (co-authored with Jeannette Bessinger)

Dr. Bowden's impressive educational background includes a Master's Degree in psychology and counseling, a PhD in nutrition, and six national certifications in personal training and exercise. He is also board certified by the American College of Nutrition and is a member of the esteemed American Society for Nutrition. His insightful speaking engagements at conferences and events throughout the United States have made him a highly sought-after expert in his field. Additionally, Dr. Bowden is a part owner of Rockwell Nutrition.

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The Great Cholesterol Myth

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