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December 17, 2013

Ibrahim Karim, Ph.D., Dr.Sc. & Pier Paolo Alberghini, Ph.D.


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S y n o p s i s

BioGeometry is a groundbreaking science that harnesses the power of shapes, colors, motion, and sound to infuse harmony into the subtle energy aspects of our environment. This harmony is rooted in a subtle energy quality discovered at the very heart of the natural formation process, and it is the same quality found in the sacred sites that have held spiritual significance for humanity since ancient times.

Dr. Karim, drawing from his background as both an architect and scientist, has skillfully merged principles from Pythagorean Harmonics, subtle energy sciences, radiesthesia, geobiology, building biology, sacred architecture, and modern wave theories to give birth to a new branch of physics, BioGeometry. This unique science serves as a bridge between the realms of science and spirituality, bringing natural harmony to our surroundings.

Key aspects of BioGeometry include:

1. **Harmonizing Environments:** BioGeometry seeks to create a sense of natural harmony within our surroundings. It offers practical solutions for transforming the effects of electromagnetic radiation on living systems, with successful projects demonstrating its efficacy and gaining recognition from Swiss authorities.

2. **Addressing Earth Radiation:** Recognizing the health hazards posed by Earth radiation, BioGeometry provides innovative solutions for locating and designing buildings to mitigate these risks effectively.

3. **Unveiling the Secrets of the Great Pyramid:** Dr. Karim's exploration of the Great Pyramid in Giza reveals new insights into this ancient wonder and the essence of Egyptian civilization.

Collaborating with Dr. Alberghini, Dr. Karim has successfully applied BioGeometry principles to projects in Europe and North America. Together, they have formed BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. in Switzerland.

In this enlightening discussion, Dr. Karim delves into the "science of shape," while Pier Paolo explains how his home is capable of healing inhabitants and nature within a considerable radius. The conversation also touches on potential projects aimed at infusing BioGeometry principles into the cities of Montreal and Toronto, with a focus on various applications in health and agriculture.

BioGeometry's applications extend to:

- **Health**: Addressing issues like geopathic stress and electrosmog to promote healthier living with modern telecommunications.

- **Agriculture**: Improving crop quality and yield, reducing the need for antibiotics or hormones in animal farming, and enhancing genetic agriculture.

The promising results from experiments involving BioGeometry treatments of agricultural areas, such as apple orchards and potato fields, have shown reduced parasite presence, improved harvests, and extended product shelf life compared to untreated parcels. Residents in treated areas reported better sleep, reduced headaches, increased energy, and the return of birds and bats to their surroundings.

Overall, BioGeometry offers a transformative approach to harmonizing our living spaces and enhancing the well-being of both people and nature.

B i o

Ibrahim Karim, Ph.D./Dr.Sc., is a distinguished graduate of the renowned Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. He is the visionary founder of the field of BioGeometry, a groundbreaking science that integrates the subtle energy effects of geometric shapes to create harmony within our modern technological and natural environments. Dr. Karim's expertise is highly regarded, and he currently imparts his knowledge at various universities while supervising numerous postgraduate studies exploring the applications of BioGeometry.

Throughout his career, Dr. Karim's contributions to environmental improvement have earned him recognition and honors from prestigious institutes. In 2005, he was named "Man of the Year" by the Swiss magazine "Anzeiger" for his exceptional work in reducing the impact of 'electrosmog' in multiple regions across Switzerland. These remarkable achievements were accomplished through collaborative efforts with organizations such as the Swiss Mediation Authority for Telecommunication & Environment and Swisscom, the primary cellular provider, as well as local governments. The successful outcomes received widespread media acclaim and were featured in several documentaries on Swiss National Television.

Dr. Karim's dedication also extended to advisory roles in Egypt, where he served as an advisor to the Ministers of Health, Culture, Tourism, and Scientific Research. He headed a research unit at the National Research Center, focusing on the influence of geometric shapes on the life functions of microorganisms. His research achieved significant recognition, leading to patent approvals.

In addition to his contributions to the field of science, Dr. Karim is a practicing architect, leading his own architecture consulting and industrial design firm. He is widely respected and celebrated in the Middle East, frequently appearing in the media to discuss his groundbreaking work, hosting his own show, and participating as a sought-after guest on various television talk shows.

Pier Paolo Alberghini, Ph.D., boasts extensive international experience, having completed architectural projects in regions spanning Italy, Saudi Arabia, the United States (including New York and Florida), the West Indies, and Canada. His expertise encompasses diverse architectural endeavors, including urban design and interior design. Dr. Alberghini has been dedicated to promoting well-being among the occupants of the buildings he designs since 2002. He achieves this by applying the principles of BioGeometry?, a science founded by Dr. Ibrahim Karim.

Dr. Alberghini and Dr. Karim have established a successful collaborative partnership, implementing BioGeometry? principles in architectural projects across Europe and North America. Together, they are partners in BioGeometry? Energy Systems Ltd., headquartered in Switzerland. As the exclusive representative of BioGeometry? Architecture in North America, Dr. Alberghini oversees BioGeometry? projects in Italy and continues to advance the science's application in the architectural field.

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