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November 12, 2013

Sonia Barrett

The Business of DisEase

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During this interview, we explore 'The Business of DisEase'. A groundbreaking documentary exploring the vastness of human potential despite the restrictions of programmed beliefs. For the sheer purpose of profit and control illness is marketed to the minds of the unsuspecting masses. The results? A society programmed for sickness and death.

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society." - Edward Bernays

"When you take charge of your life, there is no longer a need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life." - Geoffrey F. Abert

THE BUSINESS OF DISEASE is the result of an article written by Sonia Barrett titled The Marketing of Breast Cancer. The article was inspired by her observation of the growing marketing of breast cancer awareness.

The Business of DisEase explores the hypnosis of marketing, belief systems and the body?s ability to heal. The film explores conflicts and distortions in the medical research studies; the misleading and deceptive agreements between drug companies and government, and the futility of most medical tests and interventions to prolong lifespan. The film aims to provide options and insight into a great many misconceptions. Science is integrated as a means of clarifying the possibilities which exists in better understanding the inner technology of spirit, mind and body. The documentary takes a holistic approach in dealing with disease. The term holistic in this context refers to the whole being; spirit, mind and body.


This film brings focus to the spirit, mind and body connection in a unique way. The Business of DisEase is not just about the marketing of disease but also of the genetic and social programs from which our choices and experiences are potentially shaped. This is a film that encourages us to be unafraid to take responsibility for our bodies, our spirits and our minds.


We will examine the overall disease belief system. We aim to cohesively blend the spirit, mind and body connection in a unique way that will appeal to anyone ready to move into a more holistic understanding of their ability to regulate the unfolding of their life.


Sonia has pulled together those who support shedding light in areas that have been dimly lit for some time. This group of minds include medical doctors to holistic practitioners to scientists to those who have experienced the impact of cancer and other autoimmune disorders and those who have passed through the shadows of death. Together these minds bridge the gap between science and spirituality in a way that truly brings to light what is possible. These are voices of freedom for those ready to leap into a new level of inner freedom. External change begins with an inner evolution.

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Sonia Barrett is widely recognized for her unique, in-depth, and humorous style of explaining the nature of reality as not only a virtual reality but ultimately a game. In 1992, as a newly divorced single mother of two sons, Sonia Barrett embarked on a journey to prove her own influence on physical reality amid the difficulties and struggles she faced. She was resolute in her determination to master the art of consciously fusing mind and matter, even without guidance from books or gurus. Against all odds, she declared a movement upon herself, relying solely on her unwavering determination as her resource. Sonia Barrett's journey would ultimately lead her to "penetrate the matrix," a goal she had fervently pursued. Her personal experiment yielded profound results, which later became the basis for her books, "The Holographic Canvas: The Fusing of Mind and Matter," published in 2008, and "The Cosmic Game in 3D: Mastering Reality, Mastering the Matrix of the Mind," released in December 2010. With the publication of "The Holographic Canvas," Sonia found herself at the culmination of her many years of silent learning.

Sonia Barrett is the founder and host/producer of Sovereign Mind Radio ( and the founder and publisher of Sovereign Mind Magazine ( She has authored numerous articles exploring the idea of time travel as a natural component of the human experience. Sonia Barrett delves into the possibilities of immortality and physical existence beyond the conventional concept of time, as well as the computerized design of reality ( She has been a featured guest on radio programs and conducts workshops and lectures worldwide. The core concept behind these workshops and lectures is to reawaken the dormant memories of attendees. As noted on the back of her book, "The answers are all tied into the forgotten past, and like the single cell of a plant, our history is encoded in our cells, DNA, and the air we breathe." Sonia's aim is to remind others that they only need the desire to know, to remember what is already within them, using the momentum of determination to pierce the veil that shrouds the boundless unknown.

Sharry Edwards has faced accusations of being too scientific by some and too esoteric by others. In truth, she serves as a bridge between both fields of inquiry. Her exceptional auditory abilities allow her to "hear" each person's Signature Sound, which has prompted serious questions about the potential meaning behind these sounds. Sharry Edwards has been extensively tested in various labs and continues to use her toning abilities to assist individuals without a voice. Driven by her curiosity and her desire to make a positive impact on the world, she developed a scientific framework for computational biology using the sounds of the human voice.

Sharry refers to this groundbreaking field as Sonoistry, akin to how we have a system of basic elements called chemistry. Just as chemistry is the foundation of elements, Sonoistry monitors, predicts, and manages biological function through fundamental sounds and frequencies. While string theory laid the foundation for understanding DNA, Sonoistry serves as the essential system for RNA. (DNA represents the pattern, while RNA maintains it.) Sharry Edwards stands as the pioneering figure in the emerging field of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling. For many years, she has been at the forefront of research that demonstrates how the voice serves as a holographic representation of the human body.

Visit her website at [Sound Health Options](

Sharry Edwards is recognized as a pioneer in the study of Human BioAcoustic Biology. Her extensive 30 years of research is currently utilized at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, OH.

At present, Edwards and her team at Sound Health employ the human voice and its associated frequencies to assist clients in resolving health issues, including macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, headaches, muscle stress, brain trauma, weight-related concerns, and nutritional matters. The technology she brings to the forefront is cutting-edge, identifying health and well-being possibilities that many have never encountered before.

Sharry Edwards' groundbreaking work has been included in prestigious medical encyclopedias such as The Duke University Encyclopedia of New Medicine by Leonard A. Wisnecki and The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine by Lucy Anderson. BioAcoustic Biology's effects, now widely accepted, hold limitless potential for health and wellness.

According to Edwards, "BioAcoustics Voice Spectral Analysis can detect hidden or underlying stresses in the body that are expressed as disease." Vocal prints can identify toxins, pathogens, and imbalances in nutritional supplements. Furthermore, vocal prints can match the most compatible treatment remedy to each client. The introduction of the proper low-frequency sound, indicated through voice analysis, has been shown to control various factors, including pain, body temperature, heart rhythm, blood pressure, tissue regeneration, and the alleviation of symptoms related to various diseases, even those previously considered incurable.

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