Mel Hostalrich

Introduction to Sanitas

October 1, 2013

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This is an introduction Sanitas, including previews to the first 12 programs. This premiere episode is available to everyone without any cost. Feel free to share the link to both segments of this program. You can subscribe and listen to three full seasons of Sanitas by clicking below.

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Melchiades [mel-kahy-uh-deez] "Mel" Hostalrich was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is of Spanish descent. From a very young age, Mel had an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and an overdeveloped sense of wonder.

Mel has a bachelor’s degree in finance (BBA) from Florida International University a master’s degree in international business administration (MBA) from the University of Texas. At the age of 20, while working for a Fortune 500 company (D&B), Mel became the youngest financial analyst in the organization, where he served from 1987 to 1999. Prior to his long-term corporate career Mel worked in television as a child actor, retail, banking, and even with McDonnell Douglas. Throughout his career, he lived and traveled the United States, Latin America, and Asia. During one of his assignments, Mel lived in Mexico City (92/93) during the implementation of NAFTA.

Mel has appeared on History Channel’s Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, several domestic and international radio shows, and has served as master of ceremonies and moderator at a number of conferences. SANITAS’ main purpose is to declassify the secrets to our health and longevity and discuss topics ranging from mind, body and spirit.  

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